How does one blog

Honestly I don’t know anymore. I remember blogging being something fluent and enjoyable and now I’m so stumped. I suppose I feel like no one will be interested in what I’m doing so everything seems unbearably boring in my mind. Anyway. Since August I’ve been (finally) taking dance again and in September I even started working at my studio teaching little ones to dance and occasionally teaching pre-teens to tap (tap is my specialty apparently). I joined the most advanced class offered at the studio and I still feel so awkward and out of place in the midst of the little twelve year olds and even the 15 and 16 year olds. Always talking about their proms and school sports and petty high school drama. *sigh*



A recent performance at a festival venue. This is our hip hop costume.


So can you guess who just turned 18? Yeah it doesn’t help me to feel any better around teenagers. According to my mother I don’t count as a teenager anymore. That was right after she gave me ‘Frozen’ on DVD as my 18th birthday gift. Heh. While I have been watching ‘Frozen’ on repeat and researching extremely dirt cheap apartments near the small town college I plan on going to in the fall, I have been wondering why no one told me being a grown up was going to be a big game of hurry up and wait. Sure, everyone told me is was going to be tough, sometimes stressful and I was going to have to learn to make grown up decisions but I haven’t even had much opportunity to exercise the ever so mature sense of adulthood that I would like to believe I have.


I’m going to have to get back into the habit of taking “real” pictures. For now enjoy my Instagram fodder.

Look at me, rambling on dryly like the adult I am. I promise I am still a fun person, I just recently went to Megacon with my best friend, and now I’m gearing up for dance recital in May (that would elicits more of a nervous gulp and a fun yay). I’ll cap it off here since I don’t want to thrill you *too* much with my exciting life. *quiet cough*